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Friends and Volunteers

The Bloomington Historical Society functions under the direction of professional unpaid Staff who handled administrative duties and with the assistance of dedicated volunteers who assist in a variety of ways. Volunteers assist with hosting the museum public hours approximately 20 hours per week. History Interpreters give guided tours of the museum to visitors from the local community as well as state, national and foreign visitors, as evidenced by our guest book! Tours are given to Bloomington elementary school 'Students to the Museum and the Museum to the Schools' program. Volunteers assist with archiving, special events, exhibits and more.


Friends of the Bloomington Historical Society

Name                                                        Phone(H)                    (W)                  __ 

Address                                                                                       ZIP                  __

City                                                                                             State                __


    (   )    Bloomington Historical Society Member

    (   )    Junior Historian Member

    (   )    Donor

    (   )    Interested Citizen

    (   )    Other  _________________________________________________

Please check off the projects and tasks that you are interested in as a Friend of Bloomington Historical Society.

    (   )    Junior Historian Program Steering Committee  (Work with committee in planning of activities for junior historians.)

    (   )    Museum volunteer

    (   )    Host Sunday afternoon museum opening(s) (1:30 to 4:00 p.m.)

    (    )    Interpretor/Host for scheduled museum tours (school groups, etc.)

    (   )    Assist with Historical Society Newsletter

    (   )    Update Bloomington history literature and document updates

    (   )    Assist with exhibit preparation

    (   )    Assist with programming

    (   )    Work with Recognition Committee to recognize persons of historical significance, contributions of time, talent, sponsorships, etc.

    (   )    Assist with promotion and publicity

    (   )    Assist with fund raising projects, such as Buy A Brick for the Old Town Hall site

    (   )    Archiving/Accessioning/deaccessioning/packing/storage of museum artifacts

    (   )    Assist with membership drive

    (   )    Assist with archiving of significant photo collections

    (   )    Administrative assistance (mailings, etc.)

    (   )    Assist with historical and genealogical research

    (   )    Assist with filming and interviewing of Bloomington residents

    (   )    Can you use a computer?    Yes______    No______

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