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A Multi-Cultural City

Teens dancing.For thousands of years, the Minnesota River Valley has been inhabited by ancient cultures that migrated here. Bloomington today is proud to be called home by a variety of ethnic groups who have emigrated to our land from countries throughout the world. We continue to welcome newcomers who choose to live among us.

We ask you to reflect on our multicultural diversity over the years. Bloomington residents of all nationalities have contributed extensively to our community as leaders in government, politics, business, education, health care, sports, churches and everyday life.

Foreign-born residents living in Bloomington

7.7% of total population (based on 85,172, census of 2000)

54.4% Asian

16.4% Latin American

14.8% European (eastern)

8.4% African

5.6% North American

.04% Oceanic

Children seated on the floor at the Museum. Since 1964, Bloomington elementary school curriculum has included a visit to the Old Town Hall History Museum. Approximately 1,000 students visit each year.

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