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Bloomington Timeline--A fusion of our geological and cultural heritage.

Bloomington History Timeline

Post-glacier to the present

 HISTORY provides us with a sense of place by helping us to understand the accomplishments, dreams, sacrifices and heartaches of generations long since silent.

The Bloomington Historical Society's collage of Bloomington's history can be seen in its completed state at the History Museum, 10200 Penn Avenue S., in Bloomington. 

The display walks you through the area's history, starting with the post-glacial formation of the land mass by glacier movement in Lake Agassiz. Then on to the early history, over 8,000 years ago, when Paleo Indians occupied the region's grasslands and woodlands. As the timeline moves through history it touches on each time period, giving a brief description, the major findings and developments of the era. The facts, figures and pictures of each time frame are accurate representations of the times, the happenings and the people of the great community of Bloomington. 

Bloomington History Timeline credits

The BHS would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their support of the timeline project: Deborah Schneider and Vonda Kelly on behalf of the Bloomington Historical Society, History Museum and Research Center; Vonda Kelly, Lead Project Developer; Larry Granger and Deborah Schneider, Project Development Consultants; Cassandra Tracy, City of Bloomington Graphics Section, Photo Consultant; Margaret King, Science Museum of Minnesota, Graphic Design; Science Museum of Minnesota, Graphic Production.

Photos courtesy of: Bloomington Historical Society, Norling Family, Minnesota Historical Society, City of Bloomington.

Drawings: Jacob Simonson.

Depicted in background: Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, the first urban wildlife refuge in the United States.

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