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Panel 5 depicts wars, schools, farming and the stock market crash.

1918 - 1945

A Community Marking Times

In 1918 the newly consolidated school district provided an education to all students from first to twelfth grades. As enrollment increased to 700 students, a modern school bus transportation system was begun. A small-town rural atmosphere prevailed even as businesses increased, including three small thriving airports.

When the stock market plummeted in 1929 the Great Depression arrived and Bloomington citizens were as shaken and affected as the rest of the nation. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) and Social Security helped people to have hope for their futures. When World War II was declared, both men and women joined the armed forces, proudly representing Bloomington. At war's end Peace Medals were awarded to those who served. The community's population had reached about 5,000.

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Watercolor renditions © 1996 by Elizabeth Hood Anderson, Artist. History Note Cards are a project of Bloomington Community Foundation and the Bloomington History Clock Tower Association.