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Bird's eye view of the LRT.

1995 - Future

An Eye to the Future

Redevelopment continues with construction of multiple-density housing units to accommodate the community's changing demographics. Education of Bloomington's children continues to be a priority.

New additions to Bloomington include the new Civic Plaza government center, Ikea and the Bloomington Central Station light rail transit development. The new Bloomington Art Center, Schneider Theater for the Performing Arts, the Atrium, Inez Greenberg Art Gallery and Rose Schneider Gift Shop provide a venue for Bloomington art organizations.
The Bloomington park system and programs provide leisure time activities for all.

Citizens look to the future while cherishing the rich historic legacy of the community interpreted through the restoration of the 1892 Old Town Hall and the Gideon H. Pond House.

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Watercolor renditions © 1996 by Elizabeth Hood Anderson, Artist. History Note Cards are a project of Bloomington Community Foundation and the Bloomington History Clock Tower Association.